This are steps to attract publicity from food bloggers from Coterie Australia

7 Steps To Attract Publicity To Your Restaurant From Food Bloggers

Here is an actionable list that will help you attract publicity to your restaurant from Food Bloggers:

Food Bloggers, they blog about food because of their passion and appreciation for food, they have that special connection to food, like most of them are Chefs by hobby or trade.

1. Where to find Food Bloggers?  Type into your Google search engine – “Food Bloggers” with your selected Country, State, City or local area.  This will be dependent on how far you require your catchment.

2. To connect with a Food Blogger, you need to show the blogger you are authentically interested in his or her blog. Follow him/her on Twitter and Instagram.  Comment on their blog posts to show you and/or your restaurant is passionate about good food as much as they are.

3. Every time you launch – new menu, promotional campaign, new products, events – tag your chosen bloggers in your Twitter and Instagram post.  Bloggers are always looking to be “The One” that has their finger on the industry pulse and they are always looking to review venues.

4. The pitch: Let the blogger know about your new menu dish, or inform the blogger about an important event coming up in your venue.  You could communicate to your chosen Bloggers via email or highlight your interest via one of their blog posts.  With consistent engagement on their blog work, it is highly likely they will recognise you because of your consistent interaction with their social media accounts.

5. Invite your chosen Food Bloggers to your restaurant to taste your menu.  They can dine in at no charge, in return they end up blogging about your venue on social media, their blog, and reviews sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and Zomato.

NOTE:  Advertising costs money!  You are able to utilise an advertising strategy which budgets at cost of goods.  Be open to different ways to spend your money.

6. Invite a key Food Blogger in your city for an exclusive event.   It is important that they visit your restaurant and sample your menu before the event launch.

7. Identify a Food Blogger in your local city that has a large social media following and is an influencer in your industry to open up a partnership with your restaurant.

Strategy: Open up a monthly tab when you have them visit and sample food dishes, food and beverage pairing, any concept that is incorporated into your Marketing Plan.

The value exchange – The Food Blogger dines at your restaurants cost (this is added into your advertising budget), in return for advertising to the local area and their community.

This is what we call COST EFFECTIVE PUBLICITY on steroids!

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