3 Tips to Lower Your Promotion Costs- Partnering With Your Food & Beverage Suppliers

 “Partnering has proven itself one of the most powerful business tools for dealing with fast changing markets, technologies and customers. As the global economy speeds up, partnering is becoming the weapon of choice for today’s successful competitors.” Curtis E. Sahakian   Creating Strategic Partnerships isn’t just for the purpose of working with other businesses to […]

HOT TIPS: Building Your Customer List That Makes Your Marketing Easier and Grows Your Bank Account

With a continued – for lack of a better word – epidemic – in business, the lack of focus on building and/or nurturing a Customer List, I wanted to touch base with you on the importance of a Customer List for your hospitality business, and offer you some tips to get you started. Getting started […]

Benefits of Strategic Partnerships – A Partnership Model for Success

This week, we are paying particular focus to the benefits of setting up Strategic Partnerships in your business.  Tips on how to partner with your suppliers, and integrating your Partnerships and social media. Monday Benefits of Strategic Partnerships – A Partnership Model for Success Thursday Tips on Partnering with your Suppliers Saturday How to Integrate […]


Last week, being ‘my’ first week back in the business after traveling the globe to California in December – a bit of festive frivolity –  and a LOAD of tasks ahead with a new project in play, I had a moment of stillness – in the ‘now’ – as I experienced a sense of inspiration, […]