7 Steps To Attract Diners To Your Restaurant Through Instagram

Here is an actionable list that will help you attract more diners to your restaurant from Instagram: Download the Instagram app on your mobile and follow instructions Open an Instagram account for your restaurant Enter your restaurant opening closing times, address, phone number, website. Strategy: Post amazing food images of your menu, yes you want […]

Steve Jobs – Think Different

Marketing is about values.  We live in a noisy world and people won’t remember much about you.   Other than selling great culinary delights, mouth watering beverages, or a comfy bed to sleep in, think bigger than this.  What do you want your customers to know about you – who you are and what you […]


Our friends at Onsitehelper have written some important and interesting facts that may affect your business – please take a read. They also list the goodies that Google for business is up to – are you organised, working smarter not harder? …. Worth the read, and the investment. If you need any further assistance, give […]


The Cosmetic Surgeon (Executive Assistant) here from Coterie, Daniela. I would like to give you a 5 step analysis for your consideration to identify if you are in need of systems support and a little insight on how important it is to connect with great admin personnel. Ask yourself the following questions: Is your inbox […]