HOT TIPS: Building Your Customer List That Makes Your Marketing Easier and Grows Your Bank Account

With a continued – for lack of a better word – epidemic – in business, the lack of focus on building and/or nurturing a Customer List, I wanted to touch base with you on the importance of a Customer List for your hospitality business, and offer you some tips to get you started. Getting started is the first major step to the process, and building the right strategies to use it will begin once the foundation is laid – much the same as building a house, you need the concrete platform before the structure takes place.

Here are some philosophies that we use with our hospitality clients at Coterie:

‘PROFIT’ comes from existing customers, but if you don’t know where you have been, you will not know where you are going.

Please ask yourself these questions ……
  • “Do I want to get a new customer once and turn them into a customer forever?”
  • “Do I want to set up a marketing strategy once that brings profitable customers back my hospitality venue forever?”
  • “Do I want to build a strong platform in my business that creates a passive income – a business that makes money without me in it – on tasks – brings more customers to my venue, they spend more money, and they bring their family and friends?”

If you have answered all questions ‘YES’ then allow your business to achieve the results it deserves by organizing and systematizing the business for an easy flow operation.

If it’s not on a database, it didn’t happen!

A good database should be treated as your bank account. “Why?” you might ask ………

It is because the most important part of your business in relation to making profit is your customer lists. If your venue has customers that love you, you must have the ability to get in contact with them, talk to them and create a ‘need’ for them to come back, otherwise your business has to wait for the customers to find you. A good database will assist you to talk to customers that are already spending money in your venue, and make it one trillion, yes that’s right, ONE TRILLION times easier to increase your cash flow.

Your hospitality business must have the customers that you want! So if you are attracting the wrong customers, it is important to identify this, and send them to your competitors. No one’s hospitality business can survive on customers that are always looking for a discount, haggling down on price, or attracting minimum spend.

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Basic information tips to start building your customer list – database:

  1.  Name – first and last
  2. Mailing address
  3. Post code
  4. Mobile phone number
  5. Email address

Advanced customer information that will help you create targeted marketing/promotions specifically designed around their interests:

  1.  Family – partner, spouse, children
  2. Pets
  3. Favourite sporting team
  4. Favourite music
  5. Hobbies

Suggested tools to help you start to build your customer list and database marketing:

  • Coterie Australia Database Management spreadsheet template
    • Formulated Excel spreadsheet that allows you to record customer information and their monthly purchases
    • Database Management spreadsheet ‘how to use’ guide
    • Coterie Member price $49 plus GST – Valued at $250
      • Not a member?  Sign up for a Free Membership and access your $49 voucher  – need to get the opt in sorted for this

The two listed above are the marketing tools commonly recommended for small businesses.  Some hospitality businesses cannot plug-in to their Point Of Sale System so be sure to chat with your provider.

First things first, it is IMPERATIVE that you ask your Point Of Sale provider where your database system is, what it does, and how you can do your marketing through their system.

Google search bar– ”Free email marketing software” – if you’re wanting to look at more options, simply type into the search bar and have a look around.

Just start to build your customer list, even if you don’t know what you are going to do with it yet.

Free business tools are great to get you started, but please view it much the same as protecting your hotel cash flow.  Running free email software is like putting your money in a safe in your hotel. Paying bank fees for a safe bank account, and working with a bank manager on suitable interest rates and strategies to grow your money …………………………….. this is the same philosophy on working with business experts when it comes to your marketing, to grow your profit.

Have fun growing your list of customers, finding out more about them, which leads into loads more fun in designing your marketing …………

Business is meant to be, and should be fun. And of course, business is fun when you’re making PROFIT!!

If you’d like to design and set up long-term marketing specifically designed for your hospitality business, please get in touch with us at Coterie – There has never been a better time than now to work in the hospitality industry – love flying the hospitality flag – and be part of a hospitality business that you want!!!

  • Increase customers
  • Have your customers spending more money in your business
  • Free up your time

I look forward to chatting with you soon, learning how your customer lists are coming along 🙂



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