7 Steps to Assess your Customer Experience

How Far Does the Customer Experience Really Go?

For so long we were giving the ‘sales’ strategies and techniques – how to get people in the door, spending, and well, more of that.  Turn-over of customers was great because it meant that there was traffic in the door and money in the cash register.

Whilst, of course, this is what a hospitality business should be aspiring to achieve, the ‘transactional’ – serve and exit – approach needs more to it if there are to be customers referring their friends and family – coming back – spending more money  – raving about your business.

With still a great ‘experience’ example, having visited the Venetian Casino, Las Vegas – earlier this year – this venue is absolutely breath taking with a great guide on ‘how to extend the customer experience’ beyond gambling all your money away 🙂

Take this journey with us to explore different angles, different perspectives, and push creative boundaries for your own hospitality business creating memorable moments for your customers…….

The consistency, scale and design of the Venetian Casino, Las Vegas, was absolutely breath taking!

Up close view of the stunning ceilings. The consistency and scale of the design was simply magnificent.


Lets take a look at some Selling Points:

  • Attention to detail
  • Consistency
  • Heavily anchored toward ‘customer experience’
  • Aromatically fresh and fragrant – this is becoming a real marketing pointer (in our opinion) as hospitality businesses don’t pay enough attention to the way their venue smells – it CAN leave a lasting impression!

It’s interesting how far we can push the ‘experience’ for our customers, or more so, how far they can judge your hospitality business.  Ever considered even the type of toilet paper you provide and the impact it has?  Yes, I am writing that from the ‘girly’ point of view, but it definitely ‘does’ get noticed.

Take a little process tour – 7 steps to assess your customer experience in your hospitality business 

Walk from the front door of your venue, through to the back door and try and take in as much as you can and feel the experience.

  1. Sit in your own toilet
  2. Sit at your own tables
  3. Be served at your own bar/counter
  4. Be served by your own team members
  5. Cook in your own kitchen
  6. Walk through (guided of course) blind folded just to test the sensory cortex

Your customers’ sensory experience:

  1. Sight
  2. Smell
  3. Taste
  4. Sound
  5. Touch

And ‘talk’ about how you left them feeling.

No, I haven’t forgotten ….. STEP #7 

* Choose 1-2 of your trusted and valued customers to give honest and open feedback by doing the checklist tour from their perspective

Key Note:

  • Respect your customers time – offer them something in return for their feedback (a reward or incentive).  Express and explain this to them so they too respect ‘your’ respect of them and ‘understand’ ‘why’ you are doing this
  • Request absolute honesty, and portray trust for them to give honesty.  Your business is only as good as their opinion
  • Take any negative feedback ‘on the chin’.  They are merely ‘gaps of opportunities’.
  • Inform your team of this assessment
  • Action your outcomes straight away

Respect your hospitality business like a piece of priceless artwork, and the customers will respect and love it too.

Convey this in everything you do – communicate this with your community – and offer your customers an ‘experience’.  People don’t tell their friends how much money they spent in a hospitality venue, they share with them the ‘experience’ they had ………

Let YOUR business be one of a ‘memorable’ experience for your customers ………….. all for the ‘right’ reasons.

Come with us, and have a little fun in business!



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