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With the growing value to use video for your hospitality business, yep – we get it, right – it doesn’t come that easy to just jump in and “Lights, Camera, ACTION”

As users, you may agree, we support that videos are interesting to watch, grab our attention, and assist in the CLICK to view – Yes?  

I wanted to offer you a ‘transition into video’ solution so you can get onto the ‘video marketing’ train (get those amazing video statistics in the direction of YOUR brand)

I totally understand where you may be feeling a bit stuck, not quite ready to get in front of the camera or perhaps you have a few nervous team members.  I have a solution for you so that you can keep up with video marketing trends and drive traffic to your business using the Insta Repost App.

7 reasons WHY we should use video for our business:

  1. 1 million videos are viewed on Youtube every MINUTE
  2. Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day
  3. One-third of the global internet activity is spent watching video
  4. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day
  5. Over half of video content is viewed on mobile
  6. Social video generates 12000% more shares than text and images, combined!
  7. Customers are more likely to remember a video than picture images or written text

Can you see the benefits?  It’s kinda a good thing to consider, yes?

Lets bridge the gap for now and take a look at Insta Repost


5 Steps to using Insta Repost for Videos

Insta Repost will assist you to use videos and GIFs on your Instagram storyboard.  It is super easy to use but for the most part, you can start to train your audience to consume video with your marketing,  encourage them to engage, and most importantly have some fun in sharing (curating – sharing of other peoples content) some cool videos that compliment your brand voice and personality.

  1. How to upload Insta Repost for videos
    1. Search Insta Repost in your App store and download the App
    2. This is available on both smartphone and tablet



  1. Map out what types of videos and GIFs you may like to use on your IG storyboard – this will help you to search
  • Cocktails
  • Food feature video
  • Animation
  • Coffee videos
  • It’s not ALWAYS about selling your food and drink. If there is a clip that you think would capture the attention of your audience – engage – start a conversation – think about something humorous, or perhaps a singing vocals video.

For example:

@Vines (humerous videos) 5.8 Million followers

@hotvocals (singing and inspirational videos) 5.4 Million followers

Note: videos that have attracted a lot of views prove that it is engaging content and you may be able to leverage your ideas looking at the statistics

  1. Where to source your video ideas

Of course, being a hospitality business, whilst you totally see the benefits in knowing your neigbour – your fellow hospitality community people – you’re not exactly going to advertise their business to use video, right?

Here’s a list of page ideas:

  • Food Bloggers
  • How To videos – @AmandaFrederickson “How to cook almost anything in 60 seconds”
  • Supplier companies – spirits, wine, food produce, coffee, cool
  • Food Videos – @tasty, @Food_Videos
  • GIF’s – you can actually source some GIF’s on your Messenger and save them to your camera roll which in turn can be used to upload to Instagram – BONUS!!

Simply type in the search bar in your Messenger what you are looking for and have a play around

Here’s one of my FAV – nearly every favourite Martini of mine – Yummo!



  1. How to Repost videos
  • Choose the video that you like and in the top right hand corner tap on the 3 horizontal dots

  • Copy Link
  • Jump back into your Repost app and past the IG link that you copied from the chosen video

  • You may find that by copying the link it automatically links straight to your Repost app

  • Click “Repost”


Look at THAT!!! You can now scroll through and choose where you want to repost the video:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Messenger
  4. Email

VOILA!!! Look who’s utilising video in their business!!!

Video from @foodvideo.s




Copywrite is illegal – yes, we have to be mindful of the laws – so absolutely ensure that you and your team are always tagging the owner of the video and referencing them.

The great aspect to tagging other businesses, you have an opportunity to grow your community and you never know, someone may love what you post about your business and repay the favour to their Insta storyboard OR their social media channels

Now there’s no excuse for not starting to have a play and use video in your marketing strategy.  Soon enough you will be enticed to have creative control and create your own videos.

If you are keen to learn how you and your team can start to shoot your own video – easy step by step support – get in touch with us today, we have a perfect program with loads of support to create highly shareable, snackable content that your community will LOVE!!!

WE WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO OUR OWN VIDEO – {Click Link} bit.ly/CoterieLearnVideo


Carrie and The Team at Coterie

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