I’d like to take a moment with you to look at things a little deeper, a little broader.

Would it be fair to say, in your hospitality business no matter if you’re serving customers that eat, sleep or drink, you know you’re providing a bed to sleep in, food to eat and beverages to drink?

Do you know how many other hospitality businesses there are in your local community/state/country that do ‘EXACTLY the same’?

This is where we look at the power behind understanding what you stand for. A lot of businesses haven’t quite caught up to this in their message, approach or business growth strategy – so you’re working off a small base – but don’t be seduced by complacency as we have a growing use for tapping into human emotions – move ahead of the times whilst you can – as new businesses ‘are’ jumping on board – be it in drips and drabs – but it’s happening.

At Coterie, we are in the game of creating communities and partnerships. We partner with our partners, we partner with our clients, and we help our clients partner with their customers – we create partnerships and customers for life. How do we do this ….. we use marketing as a connective platform to bring our ultimate game and result into play.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Yes, Coterie designs Promotional Campaigns, Loyalty Programs, Database Marketing etc. – growing hospitality businesses with more customers and more $$$$$. But, they are just our methods to achieve our ultimate result ……. Creating partnerships and customers for life.

So what game are you in?

In hospitality, you really do have (and I firmly believe this needs to be recognized fast) business on a silver platter. You’re not selling services, requiring shifting the mindset of people for something they don’t know they need yet. You’re not selling a new widget product that requires door-to-door sales. Yes, your business is in one of the most saturated markets possible, and it will never change! How cool is that, the hospitality industry can withstand saturation, and grow! Why, you might ask? Because hospitality is all about experiences.

Your customers are working hard (a lot of people have jobs – 9-5 “get me out of here”)to make money that allows them to go out of a weekend, during the week, special occasions. Your business is their ‘time out’. When is the last time that someone went out for drinks, out for dinner, to think hard – reach a deadline – cram in some last minute study? Oh ok, yes I’m in the small percentile to use a hospitality venue for work, on occasions – we know us hard working entrepreneurs might (Team ‘No Days Off’) and always follows with an Espresso Martini …….. but retrospectively speaking?

Points for consideration of what you’re actually doing in your business:

Bringing families together
  • time poor with working parents that want some family time and a nice cooked meal;
  • Weekly catchups with loved ones;
  • Celebrating special occasions
  • Boys catchup watching the game;
  • Bringing groups of friends together;
  • Time out from the hustle and bustle of the working day/week


  • Is your hospitality business being used to grow another?
  • Your brand and venue may just be the chosen point for signing large contracts, and growing the millions of other businesses
  • The starting point for inspiration before someone begins their day of chaos
  • Your venue is where lovers come together
  • A night away
  • A proposal
  • Date night


If you can work out – beyond serving drink, food, providing beds – what you do beyond making money, you will GUARANTEED grow your community, create long-time memories through valuable experiences, and STAND OUT FROM A NOISY WORLD. Watch your profits GROW!

Key points:

  • Know your customers
  • Understand their problems
  • Work out what they want
  • Build your business around your customers
  • Impact their ‘lives’ to become their ‘My’ – “My” hotel, restaurant, bar, club ….. etc.

I personally love this component to business because it aligns you with YOUR passion, has you tapping into why you do what you do, and the journey really is about the full circle.

I’d love to chat with you – or your team – if you want to learn more about this aspect to business. It’s a strong focus for us, proven method, and goes beyond a paycheck or a sale.

“Do you know what you do – what you stand for?”




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