IMPORTANT CHECKLIST for Hospitality Venues – Creating Customers For Life

In order to create value out of a marketing campaign, lifetime value out of your customers, it is imperative that you have the following in place to attract more prospects, create repeat purchases, and convert into loyal customers for life:


Database Management

  • How are you planning to work with your ‘existing customers’ – REAL PROFIT COMES FROM YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS. The list of customers that spend money in your business …. the life blood
  • Do you have a strategy in place to work with the new customers you have them coming back into your business once you have run a promotion?

Client Retention

  • Do you have a plan in place to hold on to all of your fantastic customers so that they can’t be taken from your competitors? Protect your valuables at work, your customers …
  • We all like feeling special – Do you know who your most valuable customers are, and do THEY KNOW how fabulous they are to you?


Referral Program

  • Do you have a fantastic plan in place to attract more of those customers you love – the ones that ‘rave about your business’, and spend the money?

email template

Loyalty Program

  • Finding out what your customers love is a great way of not only getting to know them but a great strategy to create long term relationships leveraging off their problems, needs and wants …. Do you have a simple plan that enables your business to strengthen an ongoing relationship with your product or service?

Brio Restaurant_Loyalty Example

There are simple strategies that need to be implemented if you want to build your database and create customers for life. You might think this all seems like a lot of work, but until you build your profits you need to learn the ‘how’ – the systems, the strategies, the formula’s to success!

If you want to build a business, careers for your team, not job’s, a profitable hospitality business that works – more importantly without you in it – take the next step to implement some simple strategies that will have your business connecting with every new customer, and achieving great results with every marketing campaign.

Reduce your outgoing costs on advertising by connecting with your loyal raving fans that market your business for you!!

Have a chat with us to learn about our Coterie Hospitality Educational Marketing Programs – Creating  Customers For Life – teaching you and your team how to do your own marketing giving you independence, long-term stability, greater skill-sets among your team, and driving PROFITS!



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