The Cosmetic Surgeon (Executive Assistant) here from Coterie, Daniela. I would like to give you a 5 step analysis for your consideration to identify if you are in need of systems support and a little insight on how important it is to connect with great admin personnel. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your inbox full of unread emails, yet again you can never find them?….Have you considered enlisting admin support to provide you with advice and a “How To” get the best out of your GMAIL or Outlook? Was your answer yes? Or maybe, but not full time? Well there is a solution……

  2. Does my current document exchange system (emailing, providing documents, and delegating tasks) allow for me to be in control and to easily delegate to my staff or outsourced support? ……Perhaps you may need to obtain advice on Cloud systems (GMAIL, Drop Box, Sky Drive or CRM Systems – where you store all those important emails and files) which will be simple to use and for you to feel in control……..

  3. Do you understand the importance on keeping connected with your followers via social media? Now we all know that social media can be addictive. Just because you are checking your personal or business Facebook pages every ten minutes doesn’t mean you are growing your business. Do you have a social media plan in place? Are you feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone……you may need some assistance, an extra pair of hands to take away the worry of having to ‘do it all’ and keep you focused on what you love.

  4. Are you frustrated with the time it is taking for you or your staff to format your templates? Why not concentrate on the content rather than the look? You may simply need to outsource some assistance.

  5. Receipts, receipts… where are they… how are you keeping track? Perhaps you are in need of advice on the best systems for you and your business…. my favourite word of the month is BOOKKEEPER!!!!

Having your systems organised and in place is crucial to a successful and sustainable operation.

I hope I was able to offer basic strategies to contribute to a profitable business.





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