Coterie Australia has been working to re-design a marketing solutions platform to deliver greater value for small business’. A platform that educates and empowers business owners on how to create customers for life. Whilst we have some proven, current and new programs, the team at Coterie offer you over 20 years worth of valuable skills and experience in their respective fields.

We are a forever evolving company that continues to nourish our own expertise to bring you new insightful ways to grow your business coupled with keeping it simple with proven methods back dating before Facebook started up at Harvard University.

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Marketing Solutions

As your marketing consultant, Carrie White has been working in business development for 15 years. Her experience has had her working in market categories such as retail, spirit and wine industry, hospitality, online advertising, and state based community sporting clubs.

She has worked in a variety of roles in this time that complement her marketing consultancy – merchandising, sales, event management, sales management, business development management, medium / corporate sponsorship, business ownership and entrepreneurship. She has been working with thousands of small business’ over these last 15 years designing strategic sales plans, promotional programs, business plans, new product launch strategies, and implementing business systems.

Having worked as a State Manager at Scoopon, she started to see the trends change and the effectiveness of incorporating strategic partnerships into marketing designs, coupled with the effectiveness of emotional/experiential marketing.

As an entrepreneur, Carrie brings to the hospitality industry in-depth knowledge and experience on how to start up a new business, how to design strategic business plans, and how to design and implement long-term profitable business platforms.

Her greatest attributes is her ability to engage and connect with people of all levels. She will listen to your problems, offer you clear advice and guidance that is suited to you and your business specifically, and with her passion to empower people, she will open up a relationship with you to work as a partnership.

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Social Media
Mark Khoder has been working left and right of hospitality for over 10 years. Originating from Lebanon, he began his venture in business ownership back in 2003 when he started and managed his own line of retail stores. With the big island presenting wordly opportunities, Mark set sail with his family to Australia in 2005 and for the last 10 years has been building successful businesses across retail, convenience stores of his own and consulting with hundreds of hospitality businesses.

Mark has found his passion with not only hospitality but with social media. He holds extensive knowledge across all social media platforms for the hospitality industry from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Periscope, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter and online CRM systems ……….. plus anything else that gets created and worth being educated on, popping up in the market – he’s a sponge for knowledge!

Mark, the social media ‘Go To’, is our social media shark in the hospitality industry because he pushes boundaries, gives you tailored and specific strategies not just generic methods – extracts all the guess work – and takes the time to educate businesses, from owners to staff, empowering business stability and long-term success optimising a greater Return On Investment.

If you are wanting to build your tribe of raving fans, look for the ‘right’ customers that will spend money in your business – not be looking for discounts – and implement systems that not only generate profit, but give you a process to automate – systems that work ‘for you’ – Mark IS the ‘Go To’ for all things Social Media Marketing for hospitality businesses with a net that can cast your business far and wide and deliver on the customer experience.

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People & Leadership Development

Dean Evans has been connecting people to their brand, their business, and their customers almost his entire career. His background is in the health industry, with his career covering a variety of roles including extensive Service Delivery, Clinical Leadership and Operational Management experience in the Public and Private Sector over the last 20 years. He has covered a variety of roles including extensive Service Delivery, Clinical Leadership and Operational Management experience in the Public and Private Sector over the last 20 years.

For 10 years he was a Medical Imaging Technologist at South Australia’s 2 major Public Hospitals, during which time he gained an intimate understanding into the real problems and challenges facing Healthcare workers on the frontline of service delivery. It was this new-found appreciation of their skills and fresh insight into their positive attitudes which shaped his philosophy on what influential Leadership really is.

He spent the next 10 years in Clinical Leadership and Operational Management roles in the Private Sector. His biggest Leadership role saw him take responsibility for the day-to-day management of an established Private Medical Imaging Clinic comprising 65+ staff, across 5 labour groups, with annual turnover of $16M.

As a successful business owner, our partner at Coterie, and having already worked directly with Dean in business, we know he will bring to your business some powerful insights, philosophies and strategies that will have a major growth and development impact which is 3-fold – your customers, your team and your cash flow.

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