Last week, being ‘my’ first week back in the business after traveling the globe to California in December – a bit of festive frivolity –  and a LOAD of tasks ahead with a new project in play, I had a moment of stillness – in the ‘now’ – as I experienced a sense of inspiration, feeling pumped, optimistic and happy emotions wash over me.

But then, there was more …………………..

It read like this:

“Happy Friday Peeps!!

Having a moment in ‘now’ and just feeling pretty damn inspired, pumped, optimistic and happy …….. May not last, may keep going, but I’m just savoring the moment ………… And some Melbourne sunshine that has recently popped through ……

Brings relevance to the reality, when it seems cloudy and overcast (as it was this morning), the sun shines through ….. May not stay sunny forever, but it’s sunny RIGHT NOW!
Enjoy the sunshine”☀

I received some great engagement, comments, even private messages regarding.  My message was about me sitting in the ‘now’ and relishing in the sunshine that had appeared at the time.  It was how I articulated it that current setting, however; and drew relevance to weather and life which resonated with people and I felt I had to pay forward that message again, with you.  Accidental resonance for me too.

“When it seems cloudy and overcast, the sun shines through”

Whether you’re having hefty work projects, financial troubles, relationship woes, or festive season passing blooms, there is ‘the other side’ of the cloud, the fog.

Last week there did not look like ANY sign of sunshine capable of displaying, but low and behold, in the afternoon (in true Miss Melbourne fashion – that being a moody little lady with her weather) the sun shone through, unexpectedly, and remained in the daylight hours.  This too has happened to me in the past, when you’re in the thick of the fog – can’t see the view ahead nor convinced you ever will (all you want to do is pull over) you just have to trust, and keep going forward.

As Stevie Nicks states “Thunder only happens when it’s raining”.  What is so vital, when there IS sunshine, even for just a few second, recognise it.  Sit in It.  Feel it.  It may not stay sunny forever, but really enjoy it when it is.

And remember ………………………. It isn’t always cloudy – overcast – foggy nor rain all the time either.

When you are having a bloody good ‘now’, have a bloody good time! Embrace, enjoy, share it

Here’s to going forward even when we think we can’t see the view ahead – Stand tall and stand strong!


Standing facing the sunshine

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