TIPS To Grow Your Business Through The FESTIVE SEASON

What a great time of year.  Some refer to it as the ‘festive’ season, others – the ‘silly’ season.  But for majority of your customers, it’s PARTY TIME!

Venue’s start to get busy;

  •  End of year celebration with clients
  • Christmas parties with staff
  • Final event for the year
  • Christmas Day lunch
  • New Year’s Eve breakfast, lunch, dinner celebrations
  • Not to mention all the December / January babies having birthday’s.  Yes, the big babies that like to spend their money and celebrate – we love them! 🙂
So what does this mean?
  1. Bookings must be made
  2. Customer information must be provided in advance
  3. Specific customer information must be given in order to design and deliver ‘on point’ event requirements
  4. Set food and drink packages are designed
  5. Customers are recording their own materials to later remember the event, you know, like taking photo’s of EVERYTHING 🙂
Now that we are a bit “Yep, Yep, get that” with the points above ………………….. my question is …………

“What are you and your team doing with this ……………… low hanging fruit?”

A staggering 50%, and well above that number, do not manage their customer list.  This is one of the most valuable assets in your business.  It is exactly where your cashflow comes from.  So just the same as putting money in a bank account, save, accumulate interest ……………… your customer list is no different.
The festive season makes your business plan so much easier because information must  be gathered and shared to operate.
One of the challenges in ‘managing’ your customer list – building a good marketing plan that brings in the right customers and the healthy cashflow – is ‘gathering the insights and information’.  It can take a lot of planning, preparation and time.  Well guess what, your customers are GIVING it to you right now!
WARNING – this will ONLY work if you record, record, RECORD information.

TIPS To Grow Your Business Through The FESTIVE SEASON

‘Record’ ALL information on your customer list records – this would be your database, your Customer Relationship Management software

1. Bookings – Name, email, phone number.  Now you have a means to ‘get back in touch’.  If you have a booking system, you have a Customer List!

2. A business function 

  1. Record the business they are from / industry – the Key Contact.  Having direct access to the decision maker, or a gate keeper is the key.
  2. Who were their clients if a client event?  You may be able to reach out to a wider market
  3. Do they run many events with their clients? Your business may be able to host their future functions
  4. Do they hold many staff parties – be their party planner and playground to deliver

3. Drinks and meal packages – often we can start to acquire tastes and interests for future promotions, giving them what they want.

4. Birthday’s – this is a fabulous breeding ground for profile information about your customers

  1. Family information
  2. Purchasing behaviour – particular brands they prefer.  This is information you can compile at the end of the night from your PO System
  3. Music choice
  4. Demographic – age, gender.  These types of parties are ‘by choice’ so you can reach out to your customers with future events you may be holding

5. Membership – there is no point having all of this information if you are not going to talk to your customer list.  Offer them a reason to engage with you and sign up for many FABULOUS, FUN AND YUMMY offers ahead.

Your customers LOVE taking photo’s, communicating with their community what they are doing and guess what this means for your business – Social Proof.
Communicate on your menu’s, reminder email, table talkers
  • #hashtag X (hospitality business name)
  • Tag us on Instagram
  • Check-In on Facebook
Call To Action TIP
You may want to give your customer’s an incentive to share their fun and stories
  1. Best photo will go into the draw to win
  2. Tag us on Instagram or Check-In on Facebook and receive X voucher for your next visit
You really can have a play around with your incentive ideas but make it worth engaging – don’t go cheap an nasty
Tis the season to let your customers market and advertise your business for you, along with ‘paying YOU’ to give you all their Customer Profile Information.  Pretty good, if you ask me 🙂
PICK THE LOW HANGING FRUIT – It is now time for harvest 🙂
This is part of why hospitality is one of the BEST industries in the WORLD!!!!  It can be effortless, if you have a vision, a plan, record and remember ………
I’d love your feedback if you find these tips helpful, and more importantly, if they grow your business profitably ……..
Cheers with Espresso Martinis,
Carrie 🙂
 Image Cred:  Instagram
@annaheinrich  @dutchessmelbourne

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