A picture tells a thousand words, but moving visuals capture the essence of the experience, and are much more fun!

All things hospitality, our videos will keep you up to date with information, ideas, interviews, behind the scenes, and of course keeping things interesting for our team to continue to have a rockin’ rollin’ fun time, and love what we do.

It’s Crunch Time – Putting Edible Insects on Your Menu

From crickets, to ants, to mealworms… Skye Blackburn from the Edible Bug Shop runs us through the culinary applications of creepy crawlies, while Anna Polyviou, executive pastry chef at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel talks about her bug-inspired take on an orange and poppyseed cake.

Talkin’ Truffles with Black Star Pastry

What are the best dishes to use truffles in? How can you pick a good truffle, and when should you buy them? Black Star Pastry’s Christopher Thé gives us all the answers.

Crema of the Crop – Four Tips for Milk-Based Coffee

Beau Sorbello, head barista at Schibello Caffé shares four key tips that café operators can follow to ensure their milk-based espresso coffee is the crema of the crop.


We’re soon to be launching one of our new programs- Coterie Experiences- and got to do some filming at the MCG. Here is a sneak peek of a video story ……. so cool!

Dimmi’s acquisition: the inside word

Dimmi founder Stevan Premutico explains why the company’s recent acquisition by TripAdvisor is good for Australia’s restaurant scene, and sheds light on where he thinks Dimmi will be in five years’ time.

The Weed Feed- A Guide To Culinary Seaweeds

Hospitality Magazine Masterclass– Seaweed is being harvested to roll out as a culinary delight additional to health benefits. Are you exploring different food elements to introduce into your dishes? Dressings, oil, vinegar. Or combine it in pasta and dough’s. Jared Ingersoll, co-founder of Phyco Food Co, runs us through the many and varied culinary applications of seaweed in this short video.

Best Bar Flaring Video

Are you doing anything creative behind the bar in your venue? Check out some AMAZING skills of Alexander. Would you be able to match him? We think we might need a few plastic containers to start with!

Michael Jordan – Failures to Success

This inspirational clip from Michael Jordan shares with us to not be afraid to test things that may not always work, but with measuring outcomes, use our failures and pitfalls to help drive success.

New Restaurant Staffed with Deaf Waiters

An amazing, inspirational story of a new restaurant in Toronto staffed with deaf waiters. It really is all about the customer experience.

How to Make a Perfect Espresso Martini

The famous chef Genarro Contaldo show us how to make the perfect Espresso Martini.

How to Make a Latte Art Heart

Take a look at how to create a heart in your latte.