If your business life is handing you lemons, we’re here to make lemonade. We know the small business community shares common frustrations when it comes to sales and marketing:

  1. Customers looking for a discount.
  2. Minimal loyalty.
  3. Struggling to turn a voucher customer into a full-paying customer.
  4. Not attracting the right customers.
  5. Struggling to get consistent, repeat business.

From our perspective, we have identified some simple, yet common shortfalls preventing business growth. These include:

  • Not putting any strategies in place to bring customers back.
  • Not designing platforms to increase profitability, like turning a voucher customer into a full-paying customer.
  • Not looking after an existing database?.
  • Regularly doing mass market advertising (daily deal vouchers- deep-cut discounting) but not incorporating targeted advertising to existing, ‘profitable’ customers?
  • Not looking inside the existing business for untapped profit, but feeling compelled to continue in the same way to generate new business.

These problems are actually great opportunities, and it’s that simple!

We offer our clients not simply business advice, but step-by-step methods and strategies on how to shape a better business:

  1. Create relationships with profitable customers and keep them for life.
  2. Cost-effective strategies to build your business from within, and find the untapped profit from your existing business.
  3. A referral program that helps you target the customers you actually want, and connect you with business partnerships within your industry or community.
  4. Strategies to ‘connect’ with your community and have them raving about your business!
  5. Pick our brains for ideas, our knowledge, and we’ll be a fresh set of eyes in your business! We’ll partner with you in co-designing an engaging marketing plan for exciting business growth and development.

We have a unique product that gives YOU all the power! Having designed a step-by-step instruction manual on how to engage with new customers, we’ll show you strategies on how to always have them coming back for more! Not only that, we’ll inspire you with powerful marketing strategies to generate more of the ‘right’ customers—long-term customers for life! We give you the ‘HOW TO’ in business, not just the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. We release our secrets because we believe in empowering you to ‘own your business’, which will save you money in the long term!

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