It takes a great company to make one. We believe there are four key components that need to be integrated into a business strategy in order to achieve customer loyalty and success. Here we’d like to share our simple company recipe:

  1. Take marketing strategies.
  2. Add tools to implement them.
  3. Mix in a team of people to bring it all to life.
  4. Add buying customers.
  5. Bake at 180 degrees.

Voilà! The end result should be a perfectly leavened, profitable business.

We’re a marketing consultancy here to help you create customers for life.

To do that, Coterie’s team consists of business owners.

We know how to start up, run and maintain successful businesses firsthand. We can give you the best business advice because we’ve ‘been there, and done that’. Knowing what does and doesn’t work, we’d like to pay our experience forward.

Coterie has business development specialists with expertise across all key business development areas. Collectively, our team has worked across a range of sectors including the hospitality industry, Daily Deals industry, corporate world, and working with a wide variety of small businesses. Overall, we have been growing businesses collectively for over twenty years.

At Coterie, we do things differently. In our company model, everything we do is structured around partnerships. No ego, no corporate bureaucracy. Just real people doing real work to help your business attract more customers and keep them for life.

And because we understand that every hospitality business is different, and we’re not going to hand out any one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll assess your needs and equip you with unique tools tailored to your business.

Join with us today in creating a long-term partnership with our community.

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