CEO / Senior Marketing Consultant / Profit Angel


As Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. I built Coterie to be the giant that allows others to see further than they ever expected, and even further than they had ever hoped.

Fifteen long years ago, I started my career in business development. Now, over a decade later, I know what it takes to be a great business owner, and the ins and outs of growing businesses. I have a real passion for empowering people and am an avid lover of getting creative and growing businesses profitably.

With a career background in the corporate world, I worked for global and market leading companies in the liquor industry with recognisable brands such as Jacob’s Creek, Stoneleigh Wines, Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, Baileys, and Jameson, to name but a few. Being part of global and domestic brand development enabled me to successfully grow hundreds of businesses, working side-by-side and learning from the best.

My career progressed into online advertising and launched Scoopon into South Australia in 2010, and I was a recognised high-achieving State Manager for the company and in the industry. Under my management, I grew Adelaide to rank #2 in the company nationally, and #4 in the industry based on market share and revenue. Not only did I make millions of dollars for Scoopon, but I also enabled businesses engaging in online Daily Deal promotions to grow their business in South Australia. This effective growth path was developed through my sound understanding of business and the power of strategic partnerships, as well as working with businesses to design promotions to suit their requirements.

Recognised amongst colleagues and clients, I was honoured to be nominated for the 2013 Telstra Women In Business award.

I’m passionate about small business. Full stop. That was the force driving me to found Coterie Australia back in 2012. Specialising in the hospitality industry, I am on old stomping grounds from where my career began, and loving it! I feel it is now my duty to pay forward my skills and expertise, and empower hospitality businesses with the knowledge, support and simplicity to profitable business growth.

It is now my mission to make your business great! I look forward to welcoming you to Coterie, working with me and our amazing team, and having some fun! Remember, “Think big, dream big, and achieve even bigger!”


Coterie Partner – Great Man Ambassador

AFL Champion
Brownlow Medallist
AFL Hall of Fame Inductee

“I was born to play in Grand Finals”

Dipper patrolled the wings with flair and with a toughness that became folklore at Glenferrie. He was one of football’s great characters of the 1980’s and one of its fieriest customers.

He will be remembered for his trips to the VFL tribunal just as he will be remembered for winning the 1986 Brownlow Medal with Greg Williams. His courage was underlined in the 1989 Grand Final win over Geelong. He played out the match with a punctured lung, broken ribs nothing could stop him on the last day in September.

He played in five day Premiership sides and four night Grand Finals and over a career spanning 240 games, was a Victorian regular. In 2007, Dipper enjoyed one of his proudest moments when he was inducted into the AFL Hall of FAME

Robert has had a Significant involvement in AFL development and with companies such as NAB, Vero, CUA, QBE, Qantas and Amp. Successful media personality, radio & TV, marketing & communication, public speaker.

What seems like a past like, he has also has been in the hospitality business from owing and running his own restaurant (that famous Four and Twenty advert) to helping the industry in training staff. Today, Dipper is now paying forward not just his bar flaring skills, but his knowledge to the Australian business industry with Coterie to be part of the game changing movement.


Social Media Marketing / Social Chef

Mark Khoder Profile Pic_website

With more than a decade in business ownership experience, Mark has been building his own businesses – across retail, convenience and food stores – from Lebanon to Australia since 2003.

He is the ‘Go To’ for hospitality businesses looking for results and return on investments with their social media marketing. ‘Mark the Shark’ (as he likes to put it) uses his amazing sharky senses to spot opportunities for spreading the word about everything related to a hospitality business and story.

With his own love for the hospitality industry being a big foodie – particularly a lover of burgers in street food markets (and his wife’s amazing Lebanese cuisine), Mark has found a passion for helping hospitality business owners reach their products, service and brand story to their community – nourishing people’s lives through the journey of food and drink.

As a business owner, he is passionate about supporting other owners that took the courageous step to run a business and help them achieve the reason why they took this journey – empower them to reach their passion and build their talents.

Our Mark the Shark has some pretty SUPER Powers: Hospitality Social Media Expert, Team Motivator, and most SUPER power of them all ……….. He’s a Super Dad to 3 gorgeous kiddies. We call that the ‘triple threat’ …………


People and Leadership Development / Jedi Master

With more than a decade of leadership experience in business, Dean understands what it takes to perform in boiler-room conditions and handle the heat of managing the ever-increasing demands placed on business owners in today’s world.

Dean performs feats of leadership development wizardry on a daily basis. He instructs on how to take back control of a team, how to build a fiercely loyal band of customers, and can turn an unhappy client into a raving fan in the blink of an eye. Obi wan Kenobi has nothing on this guy.

Whether it is managing a team of 65 staff with annual turnover of $16M, establishing a new business with annual turnover of $8 million, or simply working with everyday small businesses, through the development of a ‘no whinge’ culture and a concrete commitment to excellence, Dean forges high caliber teams of outstanding professionals who work for your business success.

His passion has always been developing the talent that already exists within your staff and supporting them as they make the transition from worker to leader. And now he shares his knowledge and experience for your business success. Dean has already made the mistakes so no one else has to!


The Winston Churchill of Project Management

Col brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to business operation as a highly respected Flight Test Engineer in the Aviation industry for 37 years. He was a successful Squadron Leader in the Air Force, and is a multiple award winner amongst his peers and industry, shaping his strong project and team management skills very early in his career.

He’s done a lot of cool stuff including flying in jets and breaking the sound barrier, and basically living out what the rest of us have only seen in Top Gun (makes for unbeatable stories over cocktail hour).

But he has a long history and strength in managing projects including multimillion dollar contracts in aviation, President of sporting clubs, has amazing people skills in a team environment, and overall is highly respected in everything he does.

And now he has brought it all to the hospitailty business world at Coterie.

Col is an avid Carlton Football Club member and supporter to the point where he bleeds navy blue and white. Ask him anything about music, trivia, Aussie Rules football or cricket, and you have his undivided attention, especially over a Long Island Iced Tea!

He’s our powerhouse behind the scenes, our Winston Churchill of Project Management with flare!


Fresh Mascot with Fresh Kicks delivering Fresh information.


Created in a flash on inspiration (some might call it a ‘light-bulb moment’), after a few long island iced teas, Coterie’s mascot Juno Watt is all about empowerment. His official role is to deliver electronic mail and messages to clients and business owners.

Having attended six weeks of grueling mascot training seminars in Zurich, he was named “Rising Star: Mascot of the Moment” by a committee of past corporate mascots. Crowd favourites Snap Crackle and Pop of Rice Bubbles fame were particularly taken with Juno’s energy.

As Coterie is Juno’s official debut as an official corporate mascot, he aims to enliven the corporate environment through his casual and often contradictory attire and oddball anecdotes by the water cooler. He hopes to one day become a plastic wobbly-headed toy that sits on your desk.

Juno is not at all worried about the global push towards more energy efficient light globes and thinks that they, along with his Converse sneakers, only serve to make him look more endearing. Next to his sneakers, he’s been known to sport other items of apparel include a top hat and a ‘bling-bling’ necklace, maintaining that he purchased it during his ill-advised ‘rap phase’.

Originally hailing from the same town as the Monopoly Man (aka Rich Uncle Pennybags), and the Paddlepop Lion, Juno still maintains strong friendships with both.

In a flash of inspiration, Juno reminds us: “With efficient energy, comes big achievements!”

“Bright lights have no shadow, so shine and rise”

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