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Embark on our culinary journeys where tradition meets innovative dining with Coterie Hospitality – Where Every Meal is an Excellent one.

Our Franchise Partners

Immerse yourself in the slice of life at Bunchy's Pizza, a Farmington Hills treasure where the dough is always hand-tossed and the ingredients are as fresh as the morning dew. Bunchy's has not only captured the essence of authentic Michigan pizza but has also become a cornerstone of community dining. As a proud franchise partner, Coterie Hospitality celebrates Bunchy's commitment to culinary excellence and its pivotal role in laying the foundation for our hospitality group's success. Indulge in a legacy of flavor that has been a local favorite for generations.

Where zesty innovation meets classic comfort – Pizza Cat Max is a culinary maverick redefining the art of pizza. With a penchant for bold flavors and a philosophy that every pizza should be a masterpiece, Pizza Cat Max is the first franchise partnership under the Coterie Hospitality brand. Together, we're expanding horizons and tantalizing taste buds, ensuring that every encounter is more than just a meal—it's an experience. Embrace the adventure as Pizza Cat Max brings its inventive and beloved pies to more tables across Michigan.

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At Coterie Hospitality, we embrace the spirit of Michigan’s rich culinary culture, infusing it with innovative hospitality concepts that have proven their worth. Our mission is to craft unforgettable experiences that resonate with warmth and sophistication.

Strategic & Successful

At the heart of Coterie Hospitality lies a steadfast commitment to a set of guiding principles that not only define our ethos but also drive our partnerships and operations. Our core values act as the compass that directs us towards achieving culinary greatness and unparalleled service.


Our roots run deep in Michigan’s soil, supporting local purveyors and engaging with our neighbors to foster a sense of togetherness.


We believe in the honesty of our ingredients, the transparency of our methods, and the sincerity of our engagements.


Each day is an opportunity to reimagine the dining experience, to challenge the status quo, and to introduce flavors that inspire.


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Our pioneering partnership with Pizza Cat Max marries creativity with culinary finesse, setting the stage for a new era of dining delights under the Coterie banner.